Weekly 50-60 minute classes for first-time dog owners, new owners, owners who need flexible scheduling, owners with dogs who didn't learn well in group (shy, aggressive, energetic, unfocused) or who have issues that weren't resolved. 6 weeks (minimum) recommended

  • (Very) Small Group @ No Barks About It. (See Classes)
  • One-on-one at my location (Dryden, NY): I take people/families as they come, so most of my work is one-on-one. I try to group puppies together when possible and appropriate. We often work your dog skills as one dog is coming and another is going, with neighborhood distractions, or with my own dogs.
  • In-home or on-location coaching.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Prep/Test

AKC Canine Good Citizen Program

Resolving Behavior Issues

Custom coaching for behavior issues including, but not limited to: dogs and kids, socialization, behavior at the door, barking out the window, pulling on the leash, housebreaking, guarding, lunging . . . Aggression: case by case. 3 weeks (minimum) recommended.


Question (by phone or email) are welcome. Call 607-591-7806 or email Margie@dogownercoach.com!

If you call, please leave a message! (I will return your call ASAP if you leave a clear message.) My goal is to give you the tools you need to resolve issues and keep your dog. If your dog has an issue, and you put it off, it rarely goes away.


Call: 607-591-7806
Email: Margie@dogownercoach.com

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