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Margie Hillenbrand,

Dog Owner Coach

Coaching dog owners, big & small, to raise and train well-mannered family dogs.

I love helping owners with challenging dogs. If you want a return from your dog, invest in your dog. Spend time with your dog. Have fun with your dog. The best way to keep dogs out of the shelters & rescues is dog-owner training.

- Margie



"... I think the most important thing was, and I didn’t understand this at the time, trying to determine what I wanted to get out of the class. I think I went in thinking I would come out with a dog that simply minded every hand or voice command as they did on TV. What I learned is that, to get a dog to do that, it requires hours of working with the animal and working with the animal consistently at least a little bit each day..."

— Darrie O (& Eloise)

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