"These CGC lessons have been so very helpful for Mac -- and me! His major problem has been that he used to get too tense and fired up when he saw another dog. Thanks to you, Margie, I have learned how to reinforce calm relaxed behavior and this is now a non-issue. Today I was out walking with him when we encountered another dog. Mac, cucumber-cool, glanced in the other dog's direction and, with a cue from me, kept right on walking past. I am so glad we did this!"

— Carol & Mac


"I have really enjoyed your classes and like your teaching style. I have felt very relaxed in your classes and like how important it is to you that it is a good experience for the puppies."

— Cindy & Josephine


"Thank you so much for all you do to make our experience at your classes more positive and pleasant for all. I am very grateful for your professional and educational presence in our classes. Both Misty and I have learned so much since our time with you."

— Sharon & Misty


"Thanks so much! We had a lot of fun, and it's been great to see her making progress..."

— Jon, Lina & Nova


"Thank you again for sharing your expertise and teaching me patience."

— Nana & Beth


"Thanks so much for a great course, Margie. We learned so much! … Toby finally started doing 'lay down' for me over the weekend, but only inside at home on the couch. After a day or so he started to be able to do it on the floor, and then in the backyard. Slow but steady progress!"

— Toby & his family

"Margie thank you SO much for all of this fantastic information and advice! We tried the squirrel game again yesterday and then some leash work with lots of direction changes and treats. He really likes it and I’m so excited to keep working with him."

— Anna & Westley


"Just want express how grateful I feel that were able to participate in your classes. Rosie is doing very well. Thank you for offering these classes in our community, we feel very fortunate to have these classes available, dog training classes are hard to find. I hope you continue to teach for as long as you are able. Thank you for all of the time you gave to us inside and outside of class. It takes a village to raise a dog and I could not have done it without you! Thank you so much for helping me raise Rosie."

— Diana & Rosie


"Just realizing how very smart Gigi was/is! I love your approach to dog training!"

— Debra & Gigi


"Hi Margie, I just had to share that Daisy loves "down" now. I'm sure because the reward is so high. When we first got home she was following me around and when I'd trun around, she would be down, paws out front, the whole nine yards. So funny and cute!"

— Molly & Daisy

Lucy & Loki

"It has been a really great experience working with you and we appreciate everything! We've seen an improvement in our dogs already and we thank you so much for all your help!!!"

— Cassie & Sean (Lucy & Loki)


"Thought you might want to know that your efforts are paying off. I went out the back of the house this morning with Rascal with the leash off. I was hoping that even if he tried to bolt, that there was enough snow still to slow him down considerably. I had a bag of treats in my pocket. My purpose for going out was to read my electric meter which is on the side of the house. First, he did not bolt. Second, we walked around the side of the house. Not exactly together, but he was not too far away - let's say about 10 feet. He went a little further towards the front of the house than I did. I told him to "stay". I then had to go a little out of his sight to read the meter. When I was done (only took me about 30 to 45 seconds) surprise, surprise - he was in exactly the same spot he was at when I told him to "stay". We then started walking back to the back of the house and I gave him treats and put the leash back on (I didn't want to push my luck) and went back in the house. I was amazed!"

— David & Rascal


"...Pip came in for a nail trim a few weeks ago - what a difference! Ran right up to me, greeted me, very little barking, no lunging or springing around ... I think he wasn't nearly as tired as the first time I did his nails; but I'll take a bit of sass over having feet held, instead of the huge fight just to get him in the room! [Pip's] Mom was very happy at how well he did :-)"

— Melissa (Pip's Groomer)


"...We saw three deer in the lawn tonight on our evening walk, and she didn't bark once, and we're able to see bicyclists without her trying to launch at them now! ... Thank you so much, she's a different dog then when we started working with you. You helped me be a better "mom" to her, and she's just blossoming."

— Anna & Tessa


"In a 50 minute lesson, Margie's calm demeanor taught our little puppy that strangers aren't someone to bark and snarl at. She is friendly and professional and not accusatory at all when your puppy is misbehaving. Her instincts were great and by the time we left, our little man was licking out of her hand!!! That's pretty impressive!!! FABULOUS!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! And, her rates are extremely reasonable too!! It will be worth it… a happy dog is a happy dog is a happy dog which makes everyone else happy too :-) We can't wait to go back next week."

— Suzanne Searle


"Thank you for being patient and also willing to address things that I wanted to work on specifically. My puppy's skills definitely improved, hopefully they continue to, and my ability to patiently work with him and understand what to do also improved. Thanks Again!"

— Erin & Samson


“Mia is a very hyper dog and she needs constant work but with your help we now know how to do this ... She now sits, stays, lays down, and listens on command without food. We are currently working on not jumping up when people come in and staying down off the table. Every day she gets better. She also goes straight to her crate when she's told "kennel."

— Tiffany & Mia


Gizmo was biting really hard when he played, drawing blood ... Margie demonstrated how to correct this behavior, I did exactly what she said, Gizmo learned how to bite gently, and Gizmo has been a joy to play with ever since.

I had been practicing the “heel” command during walks and it didn’t seem Gizmo was understanding the command ... Margie asked to see how he heeled during class and Gizmo heeled perfectly while watching me during most of the demonstration. All the hard work paid off, but the results were not noticeable with all the distractions in the real world.

Gizmo was showing a pattern of bad behaviors mixed with a good behavior. He would bite and pull on my leg of my pants, then attack my finger when it was pointed at him, and then play with a toy; as soon as I complimented his good behavior, he would attack my pant leg and repeat these behaviors. He demonstrated this during class and Margie taught me that Gizmo was bored and needed more interactions with toys; she showed me how to accomplish more interactive play with multiple balls and Gizmo’s pattern of negative behaviors ceased. Play is a wonderful reward for your dog, just make sure you’re rewarding self-control and behaviors you want, not behaviors you don’t want.

— Diana & Gizmo


“I think the most important thing was, and I didn’t understand this at the time, trying to determine what I wanted to get out of the class. I think I went in thinking I would come out with a dog that simply minded every hand or voice command as they did on TV. What I learned is that, to get a dog to do that, it requires hours of working with the animal and working with the animal consistently at least a little bit each day. What I also realized is that what I really needed to get out of the class were daily routine skills. Small steps towards the bigger picture. The advanced training is just icing on the cake and takes extra time and effort. Bathroom training, biting and chewing management and curbing aggression were the main things that needed improvement. Remembering what puppies are really like. Puppies are hard but you can easily forget that but you remember it with a bang when your new puppy moves in. I am very glad I took the class. I learned a lot and still continue to use the tools. I would strongly recommend this instructor and class to everyone."

— Darrie O (& Eloise)

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